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I like a made up bed. Some people don’t care, but I really fall asleep better in a made-up bed. In addition, your bedroom looks much nicer and cleaner with a nice and comfortable bed. But what is a good and  beautiful way to make your bed?

Let me start by saying that you NEVER must close your bed immediately when you get out of bed. You lose about half a liter of water at night. If we then immediately close our duvet, that moisture cannot go anywhere. Instead, turn your duvet back and open a window to cool off the air. Do your morning ritual, shower, eat breakfast, read the newspaper, etc. and then make your bed.

The bed should look like this, so that you prefer to curl up again immediately. Okay, lets get started.

First we shake up the pillow. Put some boxing on your pillow and then shape it. Then we pull the sheets tight and shake up the duvet. Pull nice and smooth over your bed. Yeah, that looks good, but we’re not there yet.

Now we start with the stuff that makes it complete. To start a bedspread. A bedspread is really a must. So hopla, put it on the bed. Then a bed runner (that is such a nice piece of fabric at the end of the bed) and cushions. Nice pillows, preferably about three. That gives a wonderfully luxurious feeling.

It is a good idea to buy a basket to put the pillows in when you go to bed. Is nice and you don’t fall over it in the morning. And now think that it is too much of a hassle? No, rather addictive! It makes your bed a lot more fun with such a spectacular result. And what a wonderful warm welcome when you go to bed.

Sleep well and have a nice weekend!

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