There was a time when wallpaper was not done. That was corny and old-fashioned. Meanwhile, wallpaper is back for quite some time and hip and happening. In interior magazines and on the internet you can see the most beautiful walls passing by. If you decide that you also want an exciting wallpaper to brighten up your room or give it a bit more spice you will face quite a challenge.

There are so many shapes, sizes, patterns, subjects that you won’t see the wall through the wallpaper anymore. Often you can skip a few subjects because you just don’t like them, for example baroque or stripes of stone motif but then there is still a lot left.

So if you don’t want to waste many hours finding the right wallpaper then you need a plan of action.

Ask yourself a few questions

What fits in my interior?

If you like the Scandinavian style, a jungle pattern may not be the best choice. If you like Bohemian then it can hardly be crazy enough. Large colourful patterns are then possible. A romantic interior requires flowers.

large floral pattern of photowall

What color?

A wallpaper that includes colors that are also present in your interior will ensure that it forms a unit with the rest of the space. A wallpaper with colours that are not in the interior or that are the opposite of the colors in the interior will form a great contrast.

What’s the effect?

Large patterns stand out and will therefore attract attention. They also make a space look smaller. Small patterns in light colors have the opposite effect. And as with humans, vertical stripes make the room appear higher and horizontal stripes make the room appear wider. Dark colors can give a beautiful dramatic effect to a room.

Once you’ve answered these questions, you already have a pretty good idea of what your choices are. In any case, never make the mistake of spontaneously going for a wallpaper that you like very much. That could be a disappointment.

Any questions? Ask them!

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