Anyway, sit down.

Not just tips, but tips from the real estate stylist’s treasure chest!

With these 5 decoration tips I help you a little on your way to getting your house ready for sale, but it’s just a start. There are at least 30 tips waiting for you.

Let’s get started.

1 Use neutral colors on the walls, apply color with furniture and decorations. You don’t want the look to be too bright or too colourless.

With cushions, baskets, flowers and candlesticks, you bring a lot of atmosphere to your home.

2. Make sure that all window coverings (Blinds, covering and shutters) are fashionable and work well. The ready-made curtains are cheap and work fine. A cheap adjustment that can increase the value of the house.

3. Put down a dining table and chairs and decorate the table with, for example, a fruit bowl and/or flowers. A nicely set table is also nice. You can find plenty of examples on the internet.

4. Show the potential of the house. So not a junk attic but an extra bedroom. Not an ironing loft, but a study. That makes a huge difference!

5 Do not want to put down a large dining table, rather a smaller one. This makes the room look bigger and roomier.

Get started and if you need help then you know where to find me.

Have a good week!

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