But my house looks fantastic, doesn’t it? Don’t you like the lamps? What about the vases? I did my best to make it great.

Well, honestly, It looks nice. But it’s not finished.

The real estate agent had suggested to the seller that the property be dressed a little more for sale. Because, as tasteful as it is, it’s a little bare. The property, or rather villa, lacks atmosphere and warmth. Not everyone likes a minimal use of color and furniture.

It is now up to me to make it tactfully clear to the seller that it might be wise to invest a little more in the interior.

It seems to be debatable about taste. The seller likes his villa more than and can’t imagine anyone thinking otherwise.

Then we come back to one of those facts about sales styling. Most people can’t see through someone else’s stuff. Or in this case: the lack thereof. The villa looks bare, white and has a number of empty rooms which are not immediately clear what the function of these spaces might be. For example, a room that we would call a conservatory in the Netherlands, but it is located on the first floor. The view is spectacular. Office, reading room, meditation room? In the basement a large space that is very suitable for making it a fantastic guest house.

Taking into account the target group is also important. Buyers falling for these kinds of modern villas probably don’t like a classic decor. We can also assume that the buyers will not be seniors. Not because they don’t like modern houses, but they usually go for ground floor.

So what are we going to do?

We go for a modern neutral décor but with atmosphere. And we give every room a function. The outdoor space can also use some things. A large bare terrace is not very attractive. For every viewing we have to provide nicely made beds, a bowl with fruit (bright green apples fits here), and ofcourse that everything is clean and tidy.

The result.

The seller is much more likely to sell his house for a good price and within a reasonable period of time. After all, a nicely styled house also yields better photos and therefore attracts more attention to the home sales sites. More viewers means more likely buyers.

Have a good week!

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