Recently, House of ID has made a house ready for sale. A house full of stuff and furniture of an elderly German couple. It had been for sale for two years and they really wanted to get rid of it. They wanted to lower the asking price but the broker suggested we talk to us first. Good real estate agent.

When it comes to lowering the price of a home, it quickly comes to tens of thousands of euros. Sales styling never actually exceeds € 5000.00.

In this case it cost ‘only’ € 1500,-.

Get started

The house was way too full, too much furniture, too much tuttemelul (as Jan de Bouvrie called it) too much of everything and quite dated. So let’s clean it up first. Lots of stuff in boxes, the excess furniture to the garage (or storage) and create peace and space.
With new lamps, curtains, cushions, jars of plants, candlesticks and so on, we have made the house a bit more ‘up to date’.

In this case, for all sorts of reasons it was not possible to paint all the rooms, but we were able to achieve a lot with cleaning and accessories.


The owners were so happy with the house that they almost didn’t want to sell it anymore! They are now completely convinced of the usefulness of getting your house ready for sale. Two months after styling, the house was sold for a good price. No price reduction, no tens of thousands of euros missing out. And that with an investment of only € 1500,-! I rest my case.

But let’s just say this:

Sales styling is not interior styling

In interior styling you turn your house into a home. When selling, you turn your home into a house.

That’s not to say that you walk around your house like a stranger, because sales styling uses the stuff that’s already there as much as possible.

It also doesn’t mean you don’t have good taste. We only make your home more accessible to prospective buyers. They must already see themselves living there.

Have a nice day!


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