Summer is in full swing. High tempraturen, tourists, beach, sea, beach umbrellas. I love it. The most delicious thing is to take a dip in the pool every now and then.

When I went surfing the internet for this blog to find some great examples I came across really fantastic pools.

The picture above is clearly a Moroccan-style swimming pool. I still think that is fantastic ! The combination of the different tiles is beautiful. The location of the pool in a courtyard, the plants, mattresses, chairs, this makes me very happy.

For the minimalists

The pool in the picture next door is tight, but also playful because they have made it a beach. What a special and funny idea. Good place to enjoy the peace and space and not have to do anything at all.

Swimming pool with jaccuzzi

If you can’t choose do both! A waterfall has also been created on the side. With all that greenery around it, it’s going to be pretty cozy.

In between:

In the northern European countries, a private swimming pool is a luxury and reserved only for the better off.

A house with a swimming pool in southern Europe is not very special. More of a necessity. They also have a swimming pool in many apartment buildings. With temperatures above 30 degrees it is wonderful to go head down in the water. It’s going to make you feel great. Then you can move on. And if you do have a swimming pool make it fun!

Even more inspiration

Are you going to feel like taking on your pool? Can you use some help? Call or email me!

As always, I did my utmost to mention the sources of the photos. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work. The sources I have been able to find out are listed below.