It is now clear that house sales are stagnating and prices are falling. Several sources report a decline and expectations are gloomy.

That means that supply will be greater than demand.

We are talking about a ‘buyer market’. The buyer has the houses for choosing and can look around quietly. No favourable conditions for selling a house and a number of homeowners will therefore choose to remove the house (temporarily) from the sale.

But what if you have to or want to sell a house in Spain?

Due to circumstances, it may be necessary to sell a house quickly and preferably for a good price.

Then sales styling or homestaging is an excellent tool.

In a difficult market, it is important that you stand out positively from the rest. This can be done by a good presentation of the house.

Because images say more than words I also viewed (many) photos. And it doesn’t make you happy. Below are some examples, and then I’ll spare you the pictures where the clothes are still on the bed and the dishes are on the counter.

Click on the photo for a larger image

Some of these homes have now been reduced in price. You won’t get away with that during this crisis. The prices are falling. But a price reduction is not about €5000, – but tens of thousands of euros! Eternal sin. With a relatively small investment for adjustments and improvements, you can sell the house for the best possible price.

Hiring a professional is a good investment with a high return.

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