Plants are not an essential part of the Spanish interior.

Maybe that’s different in the cities but here on the Costa it’s not something people are doing. Garden centres also have very few houseplants and they do not follow trends on houseplants. So if the pancake plant or the woman’s tongue is suddenly hip and happening doesn’t mean you can buy it here.

It will obviously have to do with the outdoors and also the fact that there are many second homes here will play a role. Plants want to get water and if you are only there for a few weeks or months in a year it becomes difficult.


There are also many ‘residents’. People who live here permanently. And then you can think about (more) plants in your home. It would be a shame


It gives a lot of atmosphere and you can make empty and/or difficult corners very eloquent. In this blog many pictures to inspire you.

One store where you can go for hip plants is Ikea. You can also find something nice on the market. But if you have a good tip, I’d love to hear it.

If I could give you another tip, I’d wait until October. Now it’s time to swim, grab a terrace and be outside a lot.

Have a good week!