By now we know, good pictures are very important if you want to sell your house. People select houses on the internet and after location and price the pictures are decisive. At the Spanish house market this is also slowly starting to sink in. Although there are still many ugly pictures to admire on the internet, I can sense some positive reactions on good pictures. More attempts are being made to take beautiful pictures.

Unfortunately with varying success.

For example, I once spoke to a real estate agent who proudly showed me pictures of a newly listed property. He had tried very hard and the pictures looked good. He had the right angle and sight lines. Except the kitchen sink was full of bottles, packages and dishes. What a pity.

Styling is a not to be a forgotten part when taking interior pictures. And by the way, not only in interior photography. Think of fashion, food and portrait photography. Even nature photography is styled! I once saw a photographer with scissors cut away some blades!

Do you wash the car before you take pictures and put it up for sale?

After asking the answer is usually yes. But from there most valuable possession they take a picture without even closing the laundry basket.

See the differences……..

An example

A house is for sale for €299,000. Because of the pictures of the messy décor, the house is not at all presentable. For an amount between €3000 and €5000, – you can make the difference with picture 1 and picture 2. Unfortunately the vendors found that too expensive. A month later I saw the house pass by again, the asking price was reduced to €249,000!!! That’s a difference of €50,000! It’s a really nice house with lots of atmosphere and possibilities and the original asking price wasn’t wrong. An investment of €5000 could have saved €30,000 on the sale price. That’s a return most investors can only dream of.

Someone once said to me, you have to look at the revenue and not the cost. Very true!

Have a good week!

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