It’s time. Your house is for sale.

You’ve packed up a lot of stuff, cleaned up the mess and cleaned everything. Minor repairs have been done and the garden has also had a big turn. Bring on those viewers! You’re ready.

Or not?

Because what do you do with the dog, the cat, the rabbit or the parakeet? I’m not saying they stink, but they smell. And not everyone likes that. Or worse, the potential buyer is allergic and runs coughing and proesting the house out! So no matter how much you love them, they have to go out the door during a viewing.

No, that’s not pathetic.

And not only your pet goes to visit the neighbors, but also the stuff has to go. Do not leave a litter box, dog basket, scratching posts or feed boxes.

Invest in a good fragrance freshener.

You probably don’t smell it anymore because you’re used to the smell. So ask a friend, neighbour or family member if he/she still smells the animals in the house.

It is said that viewers in the first 30 seconds of a viewing already decide whether it can be this house or not. Take that chance and let your house shine, and smell good!