Sleep hacks

Especially in the months of July and August the nights are warm on the Costa Blanca. Those sultry nights are lovely until you go to bed. Sleeping in hot weather is a problem for many people. There are several tips for sleeping cooler. We have listed a number of them.

A fan next to your bed. With a plastic bottle and some ice cubes in front of it, you have a home-made air conditioner. Funny to give it a try.

Cold shower

Jump in a cold shower or at least end up with cold water. Dive into your bed right after. Your body is still cool for a while, long enough to fall asleep peacefully


Sleep with open windows and doors. Let the fresh air come in.

Sleep naked. Seems to be nice, but personally I don’t like it. So I’m going for a thin big shirt. Most people like sleeping under something. Then an old-fashioned sheet is nice.

Of course, you can turn your pillow over. But you can also put your pillow (in a bag) in the freezer. Sounds a bit like hassle and you’re going to need a good freezer. But it will surprise you how well this works.

Plenty of drinking. Water, especially no coffee or alcohol. But a glass of cold rosé with ice is really nice.

Let your foot or leg stick out under the sheet. There are many theories that support that this is the best way to drain body heat. There are also people who advise sleeping with wet socks. I think that’s ridiculous.

Cotton bedding is extra breathable and feels cooler. In addition, cotton is a bit crunchy, it closes therefore less tight and less sticky around your body. The fresh squattery make sure that cotton can sleep cool. You can also choose a different natural material such as linen. Wich is often woven a bit rougher and more open.

The goling

Your legs that are on top of each other or against each other (or rather sticking together) also keeps a lot of people awake. In the Dutch East Indies they used a goling for this. The goling is a round long roll cushion filled with kapok, which you will also find in an open bamboo structure. The goling was wedged between the legs, arms or chest, which occurred in the warm to avoid climate skin-to-skin contact. Nowadays you can buy them as a bedmate. They are for sale here: