Sales styling is becoming more important than ever.

On the site of Spain Today I read that house sales in May dropped by 53.7% That is of course no surprise, but it is not so bad when you consider that we were still in a partial lockdown here in May.

In the meantime we have more freedom, but economists, banks, brokers etc. expect a significant decrease in the number of sales. Globally, the economy is under pressure, many jobs have been lost and certainties have become uncertainties. These are all conditions that certainly have no positive impact on the housing market. If people don’t move in the housingmarket, it means less sales and a price drop.






What if you want or need to sell your property?

Then you have to stand out positively between the competition. It’s that simple, actually. You make sure that your property is the property that potential buyers want to see. After all, that’s where it starts.

No viewers, no buyers.

So searching the internet, looking in the shop window at the makyou want their gaze to stick to your home. So good pictures of a well-presented house!

It is a fact that 90% of the house-seekers are unable to see through the personal layout of a home. So don’t underestimate that.

Make your home attractive to the right audience. Make sure they want to see more. Let them dream about living in your house. Even better is to hire a professional. He or she looks objectively at the décor and knows what needs to be done to attract viewers.

Email me or call me. Then we start to work together.

It brings you much more than it costs. It really does.

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Have a good week!