Decorating with cardboard furniture. Ideal for model homes or homes that are empty due to conditions.

It is well known that a vacant house sells more difficult ly than a furnished house. But why is that?

An empty house feels crazy and buying a property has almost everything to do with emotion and feeling. A good feeling on entry is therefore crucial.

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Most people have difficulty estimating the size of a space. Does that table fit or that long desired lounge sofa. Estimating a space is harder than you think.

No furnishing means no distraction from all the lesser points of a home. Think of scratches, damage, etc.

So you have to make these homes more attractive to a buyer. Cardboard furniture can quickly and effectively achieve your goal. You can decorate a house trendy and attractive so that the photos of the house also look a lot better. And good photos are the first one a potential buyer selects.


Even a cardboard kitchen is no problem at all. And it looks really great.

Be careful that the viewers don’t start puffing out on the couch!

For questions and/or more information please email me via Contact or call +34 695 800 006. It doesn’t force you to do anything, and I like it.

Cardboard furniture can be bought or rented at A Dutch company that also supplies in Spain.