From a customer I was asked to make a moodboard for a restaurant interior.

Yes! That’s what I like.

Of course, everything depends on the type of restaurant, the menu and what they want to communicate with the guests. That is why a good conversation with the owner is of the utmost importance. We’re not going to elaborate too much on that because most of your readers don’t have a restaurant and don’t want to open one.

But you do go out to dinner.

And then you also know that the interior of the restaurant plays a big role in the ‘experience’. Restaurants with a chilly, unsociable décor do not invite you to order an extra glass of wine. A lot of times they don’t want to. Eat and get out so that the table can be occupied two or even three times in one evening. Good to fill your stomach, but for me that’s not “eating out.” It’s going to take more than that.

Comfortable seats

There’s a lack of that. If you are in a nice restaurant with your love and would like to stay a little longer with a nice coffee and matching liqueur then your butt says it’s time to get up.

Perfect for Instagram

It’s also nice when your guests take lots of photos of your restaurant and post them on social media. If the food is still tasty you can be assured of an influx of guests.

Of course I would like to show some examples and while surfing the internet I came across really fantastic establishments. Of course it costs a bit and it’s so beautiful and overwhelming, but it’s great to see!

Bam Boa

You can see in the Bam Boa restaurant in Amsterdam that a bohemian interior doesn’t always have to be very colourful.

The interior perfectly matches mediterranean food and takes you to the southern coasts of Europe. It has the beach-house look with rattan mirrors, wicker lamps and lots of bamboo.

Nozomi and Kaikaya

Two Japanese restaurants in Valencia. At Nozomi you eat sushi under Japanese cherry blossom and Kaikaya combines Japan with Brazil, which you see very well in the design.

Rum Club in Utrecht and Canary Club in Amsterdam

Two very different ‘Clubs’, but both irresistible. This is where you want to go, right?


This Spanish coctail bar. The concrete with the pink is a very nice combination, then that touch or green.

A mochito por favor!

Good week!

If you feel like eating in one of the restaurants, click on the link below.