Really, don’t. Just buying something you like isn’t a good start if you want to change a room or maybe even everything in your home.

What is a good starting point?

First choose a style!

Sit at your computer and look at pictures! Which style appeals to you the most? Urban jungle, bohemian, Scandinavian, vintage, mid-century, rural or industrial? A combination is also possible. Choosing a style is important because you will buy the right furniture and accessories for your new decor. With spontaneous purchases, it can turn out all wrong.


Creating a moodboard is fun and a useful tool. It helps you visualize your goal. You shape your idea and it gives you a foothold. It can also help to prevent mispurchase.

For example, in a classic, rural interior, soft and quiet colours are mostly used. Natural materials such as wood and stone are also part of this style. Did you just buy a bright red pillow with a bohemian pattern because you liked it so much!

More tips

Mix different materials and styles together to achieve a spectacular effect. I just said you have to choose a style first and now this. But you don’t want a dull and monotonous interior. Mixing and matching makes your interior lively.

Choose a color palette. The best color mix consists of 3-5 colors. Some of these shades may be of the same color. Think of various shades of grey or green for example. To keep things interesting, choose a few contrasting colours for the other colours.

Natural materials always make a space better. Plants and flowers make a room cosy and are fantastic accessories. Without plants, it often feels unsociable. Use natural materials such as wood and bamboo for your furniture and/or accessories and put down a few green plants. You have a very nice effect right away.

Something on the walls can do a lot for the atmosphere in your interior. Hang your wall decoration at the right height. Often it hangs too high. For the best result, hang the middle of the item at eye level. In addition, beware of even numbers. The human brain finds everything in odd numbers much more interesting. So if you go for a gallery wall, always hang up an odd number of lists.

Last but not least. Personalize. This makes every room better. A space that is a copy from an interior catalogue is beautiful, but often also chilly and has little charm. You can add your personality by posting photos of yourself, friends and family, souvenirs, books, something of your grandmother or a vase from the flea market. Also pieces that have a story behind them are always good. This is how you make your home a home!

Other important things such as window decoration, a good lighting plan, rug et cetera we discuss another time.

Have a good week and for a non-committal appointment, just click on the link below.