Christmas on the Costa Blanca is different than at home. To start with, it’s only Christmas Day, but it’s also less here, well how shall I put it….. Hysterical.

And actually, that’s really nice.

When the movers arrived in Spain there were no less than 5 boxes of Christmas stuff! I’m quite a decorator. The first year I didn’t look at the boxes, the second year we had no plans and we didn’t bother, the year after…… mmmmm, not in the mood. But this year I decided to unpack again. To stick a middle finger to that stupid coronayear and we’re just celebrating Christmas. Kind of.

After two days of decorating, I decided to do things differently from now on. Because actually, it’s all a bit much. Lights everywhere, Santas, reindeers, garlands, balls and fake snow everywhere. As a kind of automatism, I immediately felt the old familiar Christmas stress come bubbling up again.

There’s got to be another way.

Next year, I’ll keep it simple. No busy difficult garlands, not everywhere lights, the Santas I send back to the North Pole together with the reindeer. Peace in the house and myself.

Besides, I immediately have a lot of nice Christmas presents for next year. Because, geez, there are a lot of nice decorations. They will be nicely packed and give away. In the meantime, I’ll get inspiration for Christmas 2021.