12 tips to make your home look luxurious!

The tips below are very general, so it doesn't matter what your style is. You can always give your home a luxurious, rich look. Of course, the list below is not complete and some topics would deserve their own blog, such as the use of light and rugs. I've written something about making your bed [...]

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Don’t buy what you like!

Really, don't. Just buying something you like isn't a good start if you want to change a room or maybe even everything in your home. What is a good starting point? First choose a style! Sit at your computer and look at pictures! Which style appeals to you the most? Urban jungle, bohemian, Scandinavian, vintage, [...]

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Tips while you drink coffee (or something else……)

Anyway, sit down. Not just tips, but tips from the real estate stylist's treasure chest! With these 5 decoration tips I help you a little on your way to getting your house ready for sale, but it's just a start. There are at least 30 tips waiting for you. Let's get started. 1 Use neutral [...]

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Nice Bed

Ik hou van een opgemaakt bed. Sommige mensen geven er niet om, maar ik val echt beter in slaap in een opgemaakt bed. Daarnaast ziet je slaapkamer er veel mooier en schoner uit met een lekker comfortabel bed. Maar wat is een goede en mooie manier om je bed op te maken? Laat ik beginnen [...]

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