12 tips to make your home look luxurious!

The tips below are very general, so it doesn't matter what your style is. You can always give your home a luxurious, rich look. Of course, the list below is not complete and some topics would deserve their own blog, such as the use of light and rugs. I've written something about making your bed [...]

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In the 1970s, colour and cosiness in the interior was the most important thing. A macramé reading basket and a macramé plant hanger was almost a must. A lot of the interior style of the Seventies has made a comeback! While I surf the internet for this blog, I get caught up in those seventies. [...]

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Christmas on the Costa Blanca is different than at home. To start with, it's only Christmas Day, but it's also less here, well how shall I put it..... Hysterical. And actually, that's really nice. When the movers arrived in Spain there were no less than 5 boxes of Christmas stuff! I'm quite a decorator. The [...]

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Don’t buy what you like!

Really, don't. Just buying something you like isn't a good start if you want to change a room or maybe even everything in your home. What is a good starting point? First choose a style! Sit at your computer and look at pictures! Which style appeals to you the most? Urban jungle, bohemian, Scandinavian, vintage, [...]

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But my house looks fantastic, doesn't it? Don't you like the lamps? What about the vases? I did my best to make it great. Well, honestly, It looks nice. But it's not finished. The real estate agent had suggested to the seller that the property be dressed a little more for sale. Because, as tasteful [...]

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