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Keeping cool

Sleep hacks Especially in the months of July and August the nights are warm on the Costa Blanca. Those sultry nights are lovely until you go to bed. Sleeping in hot weather is a problem for many people. There are several tips for sleeping cooler. We have listed a number of them. A fan next [...]

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Eating out

From a customer I was asked to make a moodboard for a restaurant interior. Yes! That's what I like. Of course, everything depends on the type of restaurant, the menu and what they want to communicate with the guests. That is why a good conversation with the owner is of the utmost importance. We're not [...]

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Tips while you drink coffee (or something else……)

Anyway, sit down. Not just tips, but tips from the real estate stylist's treasure chest! With these 5 decoration tips I help you a little on your way to getting your house ready for sale, but it's just a start. There are at least 30 tips waiting for you. Let's get started. 1 Use neutral [...]

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Mike was halfway through the ceiling painting when his wife told him she had another one. Mike's emotions followed each other from amazement to disbelief, from anger to anger and finally a kind of resigned indifference. As with most divorces, the house had to be sold. A cute little farm in an idyllic place in [...]

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It’s cardboard! No, not pizza crust from the freezer, but furniture.

Decorating with cardboard furniture. Ideal for model homes or homes that are empty due to conditions. It is well known that a vacant house sells more difficult ly than a furnished house. But why is that? An empty house feels crazy and buying a property has almost everything to do with emotion and feeling. A [...]

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