“I love to have a house shine!”

The driving force behind House of ID is Dirkje Sol.Na obtaining her diploma hbo vastgoed, Dirkje worked for quite some time as a real estate agent in the Netherlands.
She has trained as a sales stylist and is a member of the CNVV (Central Network for Sales Stylists) and therefore a certified stylist.
Now she uses her experience and creativity to prepare houses for sale.
After all, Dirkje knows better than anyone how a buyer looks at a house. Her strong est is to achieve a big effect here and there with as few resources as possible and a number of changes. A hands-on approach with an eye for detail. Photography is a long-standing passion of hers, which now comes in handy to take good, representative photos on which the house looks great!

Decorate the house neutrally, tastefully and timelessly so that it appeals to a large audience.

In Europe, statistics show that homes are sold faster and at a higher price when they are ready for sale. The secret is to present a house in such a way that buyers can see the possibilities of the property and already see themselves living there.

The sales stylist is specially trained to highlight the advantages and possibilities of the house.

Each house has its own characteristics that attract interested buyers. A house that appears in the housing market and where sales styling is used correctly will quickly stand out from other houses for sale.

Meanwhile, sales styling has proven itself. It is an excellent way to sell a house quickly and for a good price.



    For large projects we work together with Miranda Real Estate Styling. She is a recognized and qualified LNV sales stylist. For years, houses at home and abroad as well as interior styling have been her great passion. Enthusiastic, attention to detail and talent for creating overview, atmosphere and harmony.

    We also work together with all kinds of parties that can be helpful with, for example, storing things, painting, repairs, garden maintenance etc. So if you don’t have the opportunity to do something yourself, we can take care of everything for you. So sell carefree!

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