The tips below are very general, so it doesn’t matter what your style is. You can always give your home a luxurious, rich look. Of course, the list below is not complete and some topics would deserve their own blog, such as the use of light and rugs. I’ve written something about making your bed luxuriously. Springfever? Get started!

  1. Use a neutral base.

    You can add patterns, color, and texture later. This also saves you money in the end, because if you are tired of your candy cane pink sofa and would like something different, that is a lot more expensive than replacing a few candy cane pink cushions. With accessories, you can quickly and easily give a different look to your home without major investments.

  2. Window coverings are important for a luxurious look. No short “charade” curtains. Hang the rails as high as possible and do not short the curtains. A ‘puddle’ suggests abundance (see drawing). Curtains in combination with roman blinds is also beautiful. Anyway, if you have broken or messy blinds, that certainly doesn’t give a luxurious look. Make it lush!

3. Large sp iegels not only have a nice effect but also make the space look larger. Hang the mirror near a window so that it reflects the light. Put the mirror on the floor or hang it on the wall.


A large work of art
immediately makes your home look much more expensive. You can also achieve this by creating a gallery wall. The brain/eye will see this as one whole.

Vintage carpets
always work fantastic! Wherever you use them, it makes every room more beautiful. Pay close attention to the size. A carpet that is too small comes across cheaply. I will dedicate a separate blog to this, because I often see this go wrong.

Buttons and handles
are relatively easy to replace and make a world of difference. A beautiful faucet can give a kitchen a completely different look. But also replacing old curtain rails, discoloured sockets, the knobs of the kitchen doors. All an upgrade for your home.

7. Adding flowers and plants is a must. But rather choose an oversized plant for the corner than a too small plant. A plant that is too small looks a bit strange, just like an oversized bouquet. Rather make a large bouquet a little smaller and divide them over your house.

8. Keep your home clean and free of clutter.

Sounds a bit boring and duh, yes of course, but a messy house will never radiate luxury. It is also a shame to spend a lot of money on beautiful things if the house is not clean. Compare it to a luxury hotel room. You paid good money for it and then you find a hair in the bathroom or dust under the bed. Gone is your luxury feeling. So clean it up.

9 Keep your stuff nice and fix what’s broken.

Paint your walls when they’re dirty. Replace broken tiles, repair skewed (kitchen) doors, the bell, the broken toilet seat and so on. You know what I mean. Keep and maintain what you have.

An oversized pendant lamp
is always a good idea for an expensive look. Above the table or the cooking island, in the hall or bedroom. Use warm light and dimmer.

Fluffy pillows!
Flat cushions are an absolute no go for a chic look. You need thick fluffy pillows! Down is beautiful and if you buy down pillows from Ikea, it’s also affordable. Truly a world of difference. All flat pillow out the door!

12 Nice linen is a must. No fraying, tearing or discoloured linen. Do yourself a favor and buy some nice towels, fine sheets and radiant duvet covers. Enn….. buy white that is easy to wash, looks fresh and has a luxurious look!

I wish everyone a lot of fun with the work. Photos of your hard work are always welcome! And if you have any questions, please email:

Have a good week!