If you want to sell or rent out your house, it’s important to present your home at its best. Preparing your home for sale is called sales styling or home staging and specially trained craftsmen can transform your home into a beautiful model home in which all the possibilities of the house come together. Each property has its own unique properties for which buyers interest can be aroused. A property that appears in the housing market and where the sales styling is used in the right way, quickly distinguishes itself positively from the other homes for sale. Sales styling has proven itself. It turns out to be a good method to sell a property quickly and at a higher price.

Did you know that within 15 seconds someone has determined whether they find a particular house interesting enough?

Sales styling doesn’t have to be invasive or expensive. With adjustments such as moving furniture or placing atmospheric accessories, an interior is adapted so that it immediately arouses the interest of the potential buyer. Sales styling is therefore very different from interior styling, which is entirely focused on the personal taste and desire of the occupant of the house. Sales styling is all about a neutral, ‘showroom-like’ design, which appeals to as many people as possible.

Get the best out of your house!

sales styling

For years you have lived happily in your lovely home and you would expect every viewer to immediately see how nice your home is. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Looking at your own house objectively is tricky. Many viewers can’t see through the residents personal belongings. A sales stylist looks at the house with an objective view and lets the positives stand out.

Bring in an expert. Sales styling is possible in any type of home, ranging from small adjustments (bulging bookcases) to advice on larger jobs (repainting bright red walls). Remember: lowering the retail price costs you a lot more.

model homes

Setting up vacant houses yes or no?
It is well known that a vacant house sells more difficult  than a furnished house. But why is that?

1. An empty house feels unpleasant and buying a property has almost everything to do with emotion and feeling.
2. Most people have difficulty in estimating the size of a room properly. Does that table fit or that long-desired lounge bench.
3. No furniture means no distraction from all the lesser points of a house. Think of scratches, damage, etc.

So you have to make these homes more attractive to a buyer. Seduce the buyer with a trendy décor. They should already see themselves living there.


Hire a sales stylist and professional photographer.
Often this is one and the same person. And do you really have to pay for a sales stylist/professional photographer to take pictures? Yes! The vast majority of buyers find their home online. That means that if your photos don’t show your home in an attractive way, the opportunity of a sale decreases significantly.
Investing in a professional photographer and sales stylist delivers more than it costs.

“A picture says more than a thousand words”



  • Homes taken care of by a sales stylist attract more viewers, sell 80 faster and yield 6 to 10 more.

  • You never get a second chance for a good first impression. And that first impression is crucial, because the first 15 seconds of a viewing determine the decision of a potential buyer.

  • 90 of the house-seekers are unable to see through the personal furnishings of a house.

  • Stylized houses produce better photos, which makes the house stand out on housing sites and thus attract more viewers.

  • The seller is often so attached to his home that it is difficult for him to look at it objectively, at least not with the eyes of a potential buyer. A sales stylist only looks with the eyes of a potential buyer.

  • Buying a house is a matter of emotion. During a viewing, a viewer should feel that it could be his home.

  • Spending 100 euros on home staging has more effect than lowering the sale price by 1000 euros.

    Sales styling delivers more than it costs!