This way you can clean your house in no time


for when you get a viewing unexpectedly

The broker calls and asks if he can come by with 30 minutes with potential buyers. You want to sell your house and so you do not want to refuse, but your house is not completely ready for viewing. Therefore in this blog a handy step-by-step plan for cleaning up quickly. Whether you have two hours left or just thirty minutes. To work!

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If you only have 30 minutes .. No stress, you can do enough in this short time to give your house a tidy, fresh look.

10 minutes: Clean up all the little messes in the living room and beat up the cushions on your couch.

10 minutes: Put all dirty dishes in the dishwasher, wash the pans and wipe the counter.

5 minutes: Take a cloth over the toilet seat and clean the bowl. Hang a new roll of toilet paper and a clean towel.

5 minutes: Remove the garbage bag from the bin and put a new one in (Is it already dark outside? Then light a few candles)

You are ready to show you house!

Have a great weekend,

Small easy adjustments for your interior


In a Dutch home magazine, Home and Deco, I found this very nice article to give your interior a little different look with small, cheap changes. I love things like this and want to share this with youl. Get inspired!

Use your old scraps of paint

If you still have some pots of paint and you no longer know what to do with it? Collect all your (old) baskets, vases, stools, ladles and other items that you can paint and get started! Go for a Scandinavian look and paint the bottom of your baskets white or go cheerful and immerse the legs of a stool in soft pink, yellow or mint green.

Collect the most beautiful branches in a vase

Go into the forest and collect a nice bunch of branches to put them in a (transparent) vase at home. Very simple, cheap and easy, but it gives a very nice effect! Plus: even if you have absolutely no green fingers and normally no single plant survives with you, it cannot go wrong with these branches.

Blossom branches are of course also beautiful. They look very nice in a glass vase.

Drape a plaid or fur over the couch

Are you a bit bored on the couch or do you just want to make the seating area a little cozier and warmer? Drape a nice plaid over it or go for a tough (sheep) coat. Then put some nice cushions on it and voila: from now on the sofa is really your favorite place in the house.

Sand a piece of furniture back to its original color

Do you want your cabinet or table in a different color, but no idea which color? Sand it back to its original state! That old, vintage look gives your interior a warm look and it fits perfectly with the trends of the moment.

Have a great weekend!

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Every home has advantages


What are the attractive points of your home? Why did you choose this property at the time? Why would anyone want to buy your house?

The answer to these questions is of great importance for a successful sale.

After all, you can start making your house ‘ready for sale’ on the basis of these answers.

An example from practice: A couple with teenage children bought a house in a quiet urbanization in the 90s. Near the center and the beach within walking distance. The house has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large kitchen and a large garden.An ideal home for a family and they have lived there for many years with great pleasure.But now the children have left home and the couple wants to move to an apartment. The house is up for sale. Of the four bedrooms, one has developed into a junk room, one is become a laundry and ironing room. The master bedroom has never changed in all these years and the fourth room is a guest room. The large kitchen is way to full and the living room also needs a makeover. The once cheerful, attractive family home has been transformed into a “standard house in an urbanization”. As there are more for sale.

The chance that the house will be for sale for quite some time, that viewers will drop out after a viewing is unfortunately great.

The answer to the above questions immediately indicates the best way to sell your house. Make it the house that made you so happy! So happy you decided to buy it!

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