To whom do you sell your house?


Do you know your target group?

It goes without saying, but of course not every home is suitable for everyone. The location, size and layout of a home determine the target group. If you like gardening you probably won’t buy an apartment. If you have small children you want schools in the area. If it is clear what your target group is, you can take this into account in the home presentation. With the photos of the house you also want to show what the target group is interested in.

It is no rocket sience to find out what the target group of your home is. For example, ask yourself why you chose this property at the time. It is often a combination of factors. And these factors determine your target group.

Often it is not even about the tangible things. It is much more about the experience behind it. Because that is what makes the difference in the end. The presence of a spacious balcony in an apartment, for example, is what is visible. The experience is enjoying! See yourself sitting on a lazy Sunday morning with a cup of coffee or tea. Add a magazine or newspaper and feel the rising sun rays on your face. That is the feeling that a balcony can evoke. This is not tangible. However, there is a good chance that the reason (unconsciously) is why a buyer buys the property. And yes, that experience must be visible and tangible in the home presentation.

Seaview, who would buy an appartment like this?

The role of sales styling

If we translate this to sales styling, it immediately becomes clear. You can design a home to the “taste” of your target group. House for a family? Set up a fun play corner for children. Luxury apartment? Tasteful and timeless design, use beautiful materials. Finca? Country style, give all rooms a function. We can, of course, continue, but the message is clear. Know your potential buyers and adjust the presentation of your property accordingly.


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