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“I think it’s fantastic to make a house shine!”

The driving force behind House of ID is Dirkje Sol.

After completing her HBO Real Estate study, Dirkje worked for many years as a real estate agent in the Netherlands.
She followed the sales stylist training and is also a member of the CNVV (Central Network for Sales Stylists) as a certified sales stylist.
Now she uses her creativity and experience to make houses ready for sale.
After all, Dirkje knows better than anyone how a buyer views a new home to be purchased. Her strongest side is to achieve a major effect with re-arranging the existing interior and usually with small adjustments and for a few extra costs if possible. A budget oriented approach, with an eye and love for detail. Photography is a long-standing passion that now comes in handy for representable pictures of interiors and properties.

The secret of your succes

Design your interior to be timeless, neutral and representative

If you want to sell or rent your house and there is no potential, a good way to get the best presentation of your home is to prepare your home for sale.

This is called sales styling or home staging and specially trained professionals can transfer your house into a beautiful model home in which all the possibilities of the house come together.

Every home has its own unique characteristics for wich interest buyers can be aroused. A home that appears on the housing market and where sales styling is used in the right way will soon distinguish itself positively from the other homes for sale. Sales styling has proven itself in the meantime. It appears to be a good method to sell a home quickly and at a higher price.




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